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Outlaw Star Doodles

I was watching the show last night and doodled some of the characters. It's a really fun show. :D


Dragon Age: Origins -- Embrace

Alistair and my PC have an intimate moment after the final battle is over.

I haven't painted anything in a while, so this isn't as good as I'd like it to be. I had fun trying something new though! =)

Dragon Age: Origins -- Tragedy

A scene from the video game Dragon Age: Origins. I was deeply moved by the tragedy of it all and so I drew this.

Story behind the picture: Her betrothed has been mortally wounded after trying to rescue her from some humans who took her and several other women captive. The abduction happened right before their wedding, so he's proposing to her now...while he still has a chance. *sniff*

(I'll draw something happy next time, I swear!) =D


Fanart of Fanart

Doodle of a character from an Assassin's Creed I fan fiction.

More Dragon Age drawings!

Wallpaper of Alistair for a buddy of mine.

Doodle portrait of a character in Dragon Age: Origins. If you play the City Elf origin story as a female character, this guy is your betrothed. His name is Nelaros. :)


Dragon Age meme

I suggest full view...

Something I found from Deviant Art to quench my Dragon Age obsession. The original can be found -here-

I'm not crazy, I swear! Hehe... =D


Cheese is awesome...

Alistair certainly thinks so!

Another silly Dragon Age fan art... :)


Dragon Age (Cute Scene)

I'm officially in love with this game. There's a character in it named Alistair and he is the most adorable fictional video game character EVER!

If your character becomes romantic with Alistair, he gives you a rose at one point. :3 Here he is giving the rose to my elven mage Tymethia.

This game is great. If you have not played it and have yet to experience one of the best RPG stories...I highly suggest you do. :D


Dragon Age: Origins Pwnz!!

This game gave me enough creative juice to bust out something on a whim! The City Elf origin story is particulary...inspiring and emotionally charged. :)

If you have not played this game, I highly suggest you do!

A little back story on the image: The human she's stabbing just killed her husband-to-be, so she's a little pissed about it.


Kyrvanna FTW

Belated Birthday gift for a dear friend of mine! Kyrvanna for teh win!!

Kyrvanna is an original character of ours from a story that we brewed up in middle school. She's feisty, loves weapons of all sorts, and a pyromaniac (her element is fire!).

No comments please on how screwed up her anatomy is. I realize this >.>



...he does look a bit blank doesn't he? lol my bad!

I was going for innocent, but now he just looks dumb...and slightly confused...

Yay for office doodling!

This was supposed to be Toby Logan from "The Listener," but it doesn't look too much like him. Oh well.

Scars and Mohawks are Badass

Doodled at work...photographed with iPhone and adjusted in PS.



Ok, so I'm semi retarded and could not figure out how to enable comments.........until just now.

So hey! If anyone now wants to say hi, or leave any other sort of commentary, now you may do so!

Now I leave you with this Giant I dug up from the depths of artwork past.


I'm Back!

Me...at work....in the garb I can usually be spotted in these days.

I'm getting pretty bored with the whole DeviantArt thing. I'm not knocking it or anything, but I think I'll be more inclined to upload stuff here than there. It's like, all the steps you have to go through to upload something at DevArt is hindering my desire to upload anything....if that makes sense.

Anyhoo...expect to see more from me here!

*starts digging through scrap drawings and dusting off scanner*


Concept Design Class

Here are a couple designs in progress for my Concept Design class. A Princess under an evil spell, and a Prince who sets out on a quest to save her! These characters are from the Grimm Fairytale "The King's Son Who Is Afraid of Nothing."

They still need some work, but they're on their way! =D


Alanna the Lioness

This here be a commission for someone I did a couple months ago. Alanna and her companions are from the book series The Song of the Lioness. Her books are awesome, and I highly recommend you read her stuff if you like fantasy/adventure. Check her out!